How Our Process Works!

Our strict and conservative investment acquisition criteria, along with the current economic conditions and trends, presents a unique opportunity to acquire and operate high quality, cash flowing assets within top US markets, which can provide investors with exciting, yet realistic growth and appreciation expectations.

Our strategy is to conservatively acquire, manage and operate stabilized and value add multifamily assets that generate high yield, passive cash flows. We work to acquire assets within strong employment centers with growth and stability trends better than the national averages. We aim to position ourselves and our partners to be able to seize opportunities to acquire value add opportunities under any market conditions, achieving and maintaining strong, long term cash flow, as well as upside potential and appreciation for our investors and partners.

Step 1: Acquisition Phase

We thoroughly analyze 95% of all deals in our targeted markets with only 2% – 3% qualifying for further review. This strict filtering process ensures that only assets which meet our conservative underwriting criteria, as well as focus on cash flow for investors are selected.

Step 2: Due Diligence Audit Phase

When on-site with our team of experts, we inspect and analyze on site all financials as well as the physical condition of the property, in order to mitigate potential risks and uncover opportunities for our investors. We adjust our financials based on our on-site findings and ensure that the deal still makes sense. Only qualified deals move forward.

Step 3: Property Management and Optimization Phase

Our systematic team approach to performance, KPIs and people constantly elevates our communities to highest standards. This ensures predictable investor cash flow and appreciation.

Step 4: Investor Return Maximizer Phase

Utilizes a cash flow centric approach, driving profits to the bottom line, while maintaining and continuing to optimize the asset. This positions the property for a proper and profitable exit for our investors. With return of equity and profits, our investors are now positioned to take advantage of the next HomeQuest Properties, LLC  acquisition.

Looking to Diversify From Your Low Yield, High Risk, Stock Market Investments? Want to Have Your 401K or IRA Dollars Work Harder for you?

HomeQuest Properties, LLC is partnering with private investors and highly experienced professionals to acquire and operate stabilized, cash flowing and value-add multifamily communities, within some of the best US markets! To get further information on our cash flowing, long term investment opportunities, call us at (800) 876-9102, or complete the contact form.

And the benefits are outstanding.

  • Defer your capital gains taxes (hopefully until retirement when your income is lower. This will put you in a lower tax bracket when those capital gains taxes do hit!)
  • Get above market returns from your investment.
  • 100% Passive – End your responsibilities of continuous maintenance, repairs and tenant issues
  • You will receive quarterly return distributions on your investment dollars

Our process is comprehensive and simple, focused on maximizing investment returns while minimizing risks. We are happy to answer any questions! Contact us at (800) 876-9102

We create win-win situations for both investors and principals!


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